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  Sanho Hydrostatic Release for Liferafts    Module B:  Korean Register of Shipping                                                                                    
  Sanho Hydrostatic Release for Liferafts    EC Quality System Approval, Module D Korean Register of Shipping                                                                                                     


Fenerci is manufacturer

Hydrostatic Release Units for life rafts and Epirbs (SANHO HRU), Automatic Release Hook, Pilot Ladder, Embarkation Ladder, First Aid Kit and Category C First Aid Kit.

Our Association is dedicated to upholding highest standard of quality, integrity and professionalism in manufacturing. The experience, patiently gained over the years, has provided us with the tools and the strength to overcome even the most difficult situations encountered in our ever more complex and demanding business. We are proud to introduce our Company to you, as one of the few who really do care about quality in a far more professional than numerous others.